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Friday, May 12, 2006

Depression & how I conquered it

When I was growing up, my mother told me I was lazy. She didn't know that I was suffering from clinical depression. I those days, you would never discuss such a thing, and no adult would ever admit that a family member had such a problem.

What kind of depression do you have?
Depression manifests itself in a number of ways. Some people become very active - from an obsession with cleaning, fixing or rearranging things to exercising excessively without regard to personal health (unable to stop exercising even when injured or ill).

My depression manifests itself as apathy. My body feels like it's "frozen," and I'm unable to function in anything but the most limited capacity. Dysfunctional periods usually hit me in January (post-holiday letdown). A few times, I would escape my annual depression "appointment," only to have it find me in early spring. No matter when it hit, it usually disappeared the following October during pre-holiday preparations.

In rare and extreme cases, my depression wouldn't leave with the arrival of the holidays. During one especially bad episode, I was depressed for over two years. I cannot explain its failure to depart or why it eventually left.

If you suffer from the type of clinical depression that I have, you may benefit from the supplement that keeps me happy.

This supplement pulled me out of depression - permanently
I found complete and permanent relief from tyrosine, an amino acid. If you've tried tyrosine before and not been helped, you may have tried the wrong type or used it in way that actually stops it from working properly!

Most people try plain tyrosine. I've found it completely useless. But, when I used n-acetyl tyrosine, I saw amazing, significant and obvious results.

N-acetyl tyrosine (sometimes called n-acetyl l-tyrosine) is a special form of the amino acid that makes it more readily available to your body and delivers more of the amino acid for your body to use. That's why n-acetyl tyrosine supplements come in lower doses than plain tyrosine. They work better with less!

The regimen that has relieved my depression for 4+ years!
The first supplement I took was a 300-mg tablet made by Source Naturals. After much experimentation, I settled on two before breakfast and two before lunch.

Earlier this year, I switched to the Jarrow brand. It's cheaper, a higher dose (350 mg each) and a capsule instead of a tablet.

The capsule form of any supplement tends to deliver more of the supplement to your body. Tablets usually deliver 5-10%, while capsules deliver up to 35%. I continue to take two before breakfast and two before lunch. I've thought about experimenting with a reduced dose, but I'm hesitant to experiment with a system that works so well. Incidentally, the manufacturer recommends 1 or 2 pills a day.

Take it on an empty stomach or it won't work for you!
Tyrosine is an amino acid. Protein foods are made of amino acids. If you take tyrosine or any other amino acid with a protein meal, the supplement will compete for absorption with the protein in the food and may have reduced availability and effect.

For maximum benefit, take amino acids before or between meals. I take my first dose with water right after I wake up. By the time I'm ready for breakfast (15 minutes to an hour later), the tyrosine is already dissolved and working its way into my brain. I take my second dose 30 minutes before I start preparing lunch. If I miss this dose or it's inconvenient to take it, I delay it until two hours after lunch. This has not impaired my ability to get to sleep at night and still keeps me happy and undepressed!

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